What is business storytelling?

And how do you do it? Storytelling itself is nothing new – humans have created narratives since we first began daubing red earth hand prints on cave walls. We all love listening to a story: it engages our emotional intelligence and helps us understand complex issues. Business storytelling is big right now. Businesses realise that Read more about What is business storytelling?[…]

British scientists create sustainable Omega 3

Omega 3s – polyunsaturated fats found in oily fish, nuts, seeds and green vegetables – are well-known for their benefits to human cardiovascular and general health. Naturally, Omega 3s are found in marine microalgae, eaten by tiny fish and crustaceans. Omega 3s move up the food chain by bioaccumulation: building up in the tissues of Read more about British scientists create sustainable Omega 3[…]